A new web is spun

The internet pages contain the latest news, product and customer support information. There’s also information about Landis+Gyr’s references, success stories and career opportunities, as well as the opportunity to establish contact with our specialists.

How it’s structured
The main idea in the redesign was to find a perfect match to different user needs. There are now three web portals for our stakeholders.

First of all, there are local country pages that serve specific market needs in the local language. For these pages the address is www.landisgyr.country ending, so for example for Germany it is www.landisygyr.de.

For markets that do not yet have a local country office, company and product information is provided in English on our Europe pages at www.landisgyr.com/europe.

General information about the global Landis+Gyr Group can be found at www.landisgyr.com.

Changes support new brand
The new internet pages are also a part of Landis+Gyr’s new brand as they combine the information formerly shown on the separate company web sites of Landis+Gyr, Enermet and meter2cash. So now life is made easy – one website for the collected expertise of our company. Enjoy browsing.