Multi-energy solutions to count on

Whether it is electricity, heat, gas or water, AIM 3.0 is designed to provide customers with products and services that operate, monitor and manage energy better. AIM 3.0 has many new features that further support meter management needs.

AIMing for innovation
Landis+Gyr is at the forefront of multi-energy measurement. By using one unified AMM solution, savings can be made on everything from infrastructure and running costs to workload. Utility personnel need to only use one system that manages everything; changes and updates are easy to carry out when all parts of the system are compatible.
Below follows a comprehensive overview of the Landis+Gyr multi-energy devices that are supported by AIM 3.0.

E120LiME multi-energy
The Enermet E120LiME meter is the first residential smart meter with integrated multi-energy functionality. This means it can read multi-energy meters using the M-Bus interface and protocol. The meter also has an RF interface for local reading and configuration.

UH50: Heating up
Highest accuracy, maintenance-free usage and accurate measurement are trademarks of Landis+Gyr’s supersonic heat meters. In order to be prepared for multi-energy installations, the supersonic heat meter ULTRAHEAT® UH50 has been upgraded. It can now be connected to an AIM system via the E120LiME meter or with a separate ET50 terminal unit.

ET50: Multi-energy terminal
The Enermet ET50 is a multifunctional terminal, which can be used to connect electricity, heat and water meters to an AIM system. ET50 has M-Bus support and four pulse counters. It can be also used as a versatile controlling device with two relays. These can be used for streetlight controlling.

AIM Dashboard
AIM Dashboard is a new, web-based software application in AIM. It enables utility customer services departments and managers to gain an instant overview of a customer’s AIM system. It also provides metering and device information on meters connected to the AIM system.

AIM Dashboard improves many of a utility’s key processes, including:

  • Greater efficiency in handling customer moves and changes of supplier
  • Quicker responses to billing enquiries
  • Easy tracking of power cuts and power quality information
  • Efficient debt collection process
  • More variety in the network company’s service offering

AIM Power Quality
Power Quality Information in AIM can be used to strengthen network management. This includes optimising electricity network capacity, finding out where more voltage is needed, locating where challenges occur in a network, enabling fast reaction and problem solving.

Flexing control
The ET10 bridges two leading elements of an advanced metering solution. It is a data logger and control unit for Landis+Gyr ZCF100A meters. This combination works with AIM system via low voltage PLC communication and the Enermet EMPC100(i) concentrator. Meter can be delivered as a single or dual tariff version with or without disconnector relay. Internal disconnector makes it possible for remotely connecting and disconnecting the power supply as required.

Total service provider
Landis+Gyr Enermet can provide a complete system that covers all metering management needs. The new AIM 3.0 is not just a family of products and services – it is intended to be customised to meet specific utility needs. Landis+Gyr offers a one-stop-shop that will assist in the design, planning, installation, implementation and running and servicing of the entire AMM system.