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Advanced Grid Analytics

Asset Loading

Managing the health of distribution assets is critical for utilities to reliably and economically manage their distribution systems. Aging assets and evolving load profiles have intensified the need for utilities to monitor the performance of their distribution assets, identify reliability… Leer más



The Asset Loading application utilizes Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform that enables utilities to leverage data integration, visualization and advanced algorithms for multiple analysis and business cases. With adaptive, modular functionality, the platform and data can be utilized to support evolving utility needs, leveraging economies of scale and eliminating data silos and the need to manage multiple vendor systems.

Each application can be deployed individually or as part of an enterprise solution. Flexible deployment options ensure that the benefits of the Advanced Grid Analytics platform are quickly achievable and easily accessible for utilities of any size, by deploying the platform within the utility’s own infrastructure, hosted in the cloud or delivered as a service offering.

  • Identify overloaded assets to minimize failure, improve reliability and optimize asset management strategies
  • Visualize loading levels for individual substations, feeders and transformers
  • Conduct loss of life calculations for economic-based decision-making for replacement, proper sizing, and location of transformers based on feeder load profiles
  • Utilize time series meter data to conduct and visualize load flow analysis for multiple operational scenarios, feeder switching schemes and asset additions to the distribution system
  • Reduce outages resulting from equipment failure, improving reliability metrics and customer satisfaction
  • Detailed loading analysis of distribution assets including; substations, feeders, feeder sections, underground cables, fuses, switches, DA equipment and distribution transformers
  • Visualization of historical and near-real-time loading on all distribution power carrying assets
  • Full geospatial layout of the distribution system, integrated to GIS, in as-built and as-operated models
  • Advanced filtering based on time, duration, jurisdiction, substation, feeder, asset type and loading levels
  • Web browser-based, rich, dynamic and interactive user interface, with complete system-wide distribution network visibility
  • Exportable results as charts and tables (CSV) for report generation
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific

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