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Distribution Automation

IWR Radio

The Landis+Gyr Series 4 and 5 IWR Radios helps form the powerful Gridstream RF wireless mesh network used in Distribution Automation and Demand Response applications. The radio provides the basic mesh functions. Leer más

  • Interoperability – Ability to integrate with numerous partners and supported devices using common protocols.
  • Distributed Intelligence – Supports programming at the radio level for near real-time monitoring and control functions.
  • Individual Message Prioritization – Allows end-devices to interface with other smart grid applications and functions.
  • Dynamic Routing – Independent and intelligent routing by each radio in the mesh network.
  • Data Security – Encryption security and error-checking algorithms assure integrity and reliability.
  • Downloadable Code – Firmware updates easily downloaded over the air.
  • Series IV
  • Series V
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific