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Electricity Meters

Landis+Gyr EM1000

Advanced metering design Continual development by Landis+Gyr’s Australian engineering team allows the EM1000 to deliver enhanced single phase interval meter performance & functionality to Australian customers. Expanded interval data capacity, reduced communication times, ease of programming and installation make the… Leer más

  • Import & Export kWh, instantaneous QOS, 4 TOU Rates, 2 pulse outputs
  • 282 days data storage at 30 minute intervals
  • High-speed 38k4 baud ANSI optical port delivers 90 days data in < 5 sec
  • RS232 via handy RJ45 port
  • EMProHHU & EMPWin compatibility
  • Australian Standard terminal layout and conventional footprint for easy installation
  • Asia-Pacific