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Heating & Cooling Meters

Module for T550 based on LoRa® radio technology

Your immediate access to the Internet of Things (IoT), with the compact plug-in radio solution for automatic remote meter reading, system monitoring and consumption-based billing. Leer más

  • Suitable for T550 (UH50…) and T550 (UC50…)
  • Effortless “one-touch” configuration or inspection
  • Retrofit of field meters, as backwards compatible
  • Energy saving – suitable for D-cell powered meters
  • Easy configuration with free app
  • Open standard – interoperable
  • Long Range data transfer – Up to 10 km in the open field
  • High network stability and data security
  • Network automation and management
  • Improved error analysis
  • Optimized fault management

You have the choice between two
types of the LoRa module:

1. with internal antenna

2.  with external antenna

(swivel antenna with magnetic foot or wall mount antenna)

  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa